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Gunki Medusa

Qty Description Price
Gunki Medusa - White Snow - 10cm
Gunki Medusa - Brown Juice Green Flack - 10cm
Gunki Medusa - Pumpking Red Flake - 10cm
Gunki Medusa - Watermelon Seed - 10cm
Gunki Medusa - Lime Chart - 10cm

Gunki Medusa is new for 2017 and is dedicated compact skipping lure loaded with salt for extra pulling power.  The joints at the base of the neck is unusually mobile so even when stopped and allowed to drop around structures, the lure animates itself. The asymmetrical form means you can dictate how much darting movement you get by changing the hook position which is very similar to the Gunki Vista Worms.  When twitched the lure rises in the water and give off an attractive and tempting dog walking movement every time with the a central line running along the stomach section to keep the hook perfectly balanced.

Flavoured with Shellfish. 

Lure (g)

Length (inch & cm)



4” - 10cm


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