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HTO Schlugg 4.5inch - HTO Schlugg 4.5inch - HTO Schlugg 4.5inch - HTO Schlugg 4.5inch -

HTO Schlugg 4.5inch

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HTO Schlugg - Arkansas
HTO Schlugg - Ragworm
HTO Schlugg - Pink White
HTO Schlugg - Pearl White

HTO Schlugg 4.5inch soft lures is a multipurpose trick worm designed by renowned light lure angler, Jake Schogler.  It is capable of being rigged in a multitude of different ways including drop shot, jig head, Texas, Carolina and can even be fished weightless.  Primarily designed to mimic slim bait fish or ragworm in pursuit of sea species such as bass, pollack, wrasse and cod, it works equally as well in freshwater too, especially for perch.

Constructed in an ultra-soft material which gives a great natural movement, the lure is also scented to encourage bites as well as to get the fish to hold on to the lure for longer. The main body is chunky enough to cope with weedless rigging and the soft seductive tail can be made to wriggle with the slightest of twitches. A ribbed body helps to give out fish attracting vibrations whilst also trapping air bubbles which help achieve a semi buoyant presentation. The tail has a ribbed ball tail which gives tight movements on a straight retrieve whilst also keeping the lure stable when casting for greater distances.

Available in a range of colours designed to mimic the most common bait fish species as well as a couple of brighter colours for deep water and in low visibility.

Whether worked back in a straight retrieve near the surface or bounced along the sea bed on a jig head or Texas rig, the Schlugg is sure to catch fish wherever it goes.

Supplied 6 per Pack

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