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HTO Knight Worm 5cm - HTO Knight Worm 5cm - HTO Knight Worm 5cm - HTO Knight Worm 5cm -

HTO Knight Worm 5cm

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HTO Knight Worm 5cm - Blood Cray
HTO Knight Worm 5cm - Ebi Pink
HTO Knight Worm 5cm - Melon Glow
HTO Knight Worm 5cm - Shirasu

HTO Knight Worm 5cm soft lure is a killer small, light game lure that is ideal for dropshot fishing.  Each lure is impregnated with a strong, attractive shrimp scent.  The orange colour contains fluorescent properties so it can be charged with a torch or the UV Torch.  This makes the lure glow and adds extra attraction in coloured water and at night.  The rest of the colours are ultraviolet light enhanced, these lures have increased visibility in certain conditions, so they can be homed in on by predatory species.  The lure is designed with a heavily ribbed body to increase vibrations running through the water and with an attractive twin tail, which adds extra movement to the lure.

Fantastic for all smaller species in both freshwater and saltwater, 10 per pack.

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