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Illex Bullet Tungsten Weights  -

Illex Bullet Tungsten Weights

Qty Code Description Price
84579 ILLEX Bullet Tungsten Weights - 3.5g OUT OF STOCK
84585 ILLEX Bullet Tungsten Weights - 5.3g £4.50
84586 ILLEX Bullet Tungsten Weights - 7g OUT OF STOCK
84587 ILLEX Bullet Tungsten Weights - 10g £6.00

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ILLEX Bullet Tungsten Weights are vital for Texan and Carolinian rigs.  Tooled with precision, this weight can be worked with millimetre precision round snags.  A plastic tube has been fitted round the hole to protect your reel line as the weight slides  Being made from dense tungsten this weight helps you "feel" the nature of the bottom more accurately.


84579 - 3.5g - 6 weights per pack - were £5.99 now £4.50.

84585 - 5.3g - 4 weights per pack - were £5.99 now £4.50.

84586 - 7g - 4 weights per pack - were £7.99 now £6.00.

84587 - 10g - 3 weights per pack - were £7.99 now £6.00.


Do not be fooled by cheap alterative bullet weights, Illex Bullet Tungsten Weights are the best money can buy.