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Drop Shot Hooks

Qty Code Description Price
05030 Starbaits SB3 Hooks - Size10 £2.99
05029 Starbaits SB3 Hooks - Size 8 £2.99
05028 Starbaits SB3 Hooks - Size 6 £2.99
05027 Starbaits SB3 Hooks - Size 4 £2.99
05026 Starbaits SB3 Hooks - Size 2 £2.99

Starbaits SB3 Drop Shot Hook is a top quality Japanese hook.  Made from strong yet light wire that will not destabilise your Drop Shot Rigs. Extra wide gape made from ultra-hard material to guarantee clean hooking and reduce hook pulls originally designed for the Carp market the SB3 is the perfect cross over Predator Hook.


Supplied in Packs of 10.