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HTO Rockfish 19 Rods - HTO Rockfish 19 Rods - HTO Rockfish 19 Rods - HTO Rockfish 19 Rods - HTO Rockfish 19 Rods -

HTO Rockfish 19 Rods

Qty Description Price
HTO Rockfish 19 - UL 6ft 6in 1-7g
HTO Rockfish 19 - L 7ft 3-15g
HTO Rockfish 19 - MH 8ft 5-20g
HTO Rockfish 19 - H 8ft 6in 5-28g

HTO Rockfish 19 Rods have come from the original Rockfish range that was one of our most successful rod launches, the first range of rods designed in the UK for LRF fishing at a sensible price for all. HTO refreshed the range in 2019 with the Rockfish rods were overhauled completely, redesigned to better cater for modern trends, with a stunning new look and at a lower price.

Featuring perfect actions for fishing with a wide range of ultralight lures and tactics, good quality fittings and a modern look, it is hard to find an LRF rod that can match the HTO Rockfish range.  Each rod is two-piece and built from IM7 Carbon and rung with quality single leg SIC guides and features a VSS style screw winch seat and EVA handle.  Orange accents around the real seat and butt stand out against the dark, grey blank and black whippings.  The tip ring features an orange accent to help with visibility in darker fishing conditions on all rods except the UL, which has a white tip section.

The Rockfish 19 UL rods come with solid tips which are fantastic for fishing with jig heads “on the drop” and for reducing the resistance felt by species that inhale a bait. The fish can suck in a lure and the soft tip helps to reduce the resistance felt by the fish to induce confident takes.

The rest of the Rockfish 19 rods have tubular tips, these are good for applications where you need a stiffer tip such as when working small crank baits or heavier metal lures. Tubular tipped rods tend to offer more feel than solid-tipped rods and are very good for bouncing jig heads along the bottom.

Rockfish 19 UL - This sensitive rod can detect shy biting gobies in deep water yet has reserves of power to land bigger fish. Built with a solid tip for fishing with jig heads and soft lures. Length: 6’6”. Casting: 1-7g.

Rockfish 19 L - Ideal when fishing in rougher weather conditions, deeper water, when tides can be a factor or when fishing above the water. The Light also has the power to land larger fish with confidence. Length: 7’0”. Casting: 3-15g.

Rockfish 19 MH - The ideal choice for the novice rockfish angler wanting to target species such as wrasse, pollack and bass in heavier terrain. Length: 8’0”. Casting: 5-20g.

Rockfish 19 H - The perfect choice when targeting hard fighting fish in rocky, snaggy terrain such as bigger ballan wrasse, pollack and bass. Length: 8’6”. Casting: 5-28g.

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