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Spro Urban 510 FD Reel - Spro Urban 510 FD Reel -

Spro Urban 510 FD Reel

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Spro Urban 510 FD Reel

SPRO Urban 510 FD Reel is urban by name and urban by nature.  With sleek all black cosmetics accented with stylish flashes of red, this is a reel that doesn’t look out of place in a buzzing metropolis. Ideal for all your urban fishing needs, this reel can comfortably handle all your urban fishing needs – including canal dropshotting with lures and even carp fishing in London’s larger waterways.  

The SPRO Urban 510 is fitted with four ball bearings, as well as an additional needle bearing. This ensures that this reel is an exceptionally smooth operator, making all types of fishing a pleasure as well as maintaining the high performance of the reel throughout its lifespan. The one-way clutch ensures that you have full anti-reverse control. This means that if your fish turns to run down the barrel of your rod it is going to result in significantly fewer lost fish than if you were angling with a reel that wasn’t fitted with the anti-reverse system. The line roller on the SPRO Urban 510 has been fitted with an extra durable line roller.  This ensures that the reel doesn’t sustain any damage from line repeatedly cutting into the roller, as well as working to reduce the effects of line twist on the roller. The S-curve oscillation of the reel maintains the reel’s superb line lay and ensures it is cast-ready after every retrieve. The spool itself has been constructed from aluminium and is long-cast in its design. This ensures that you can punch out as far as you like in the bigger urban waters and it also allows you to tackle other large venues up and down the country. Fitted with a line clip for complete accuracy, the spool also boasts a multi-disc front drag that is minutely adjustable for ultimate angling control.


Spro Urban 510 FD Reel - Model 1210-510

Weight - 196g

Line Cap - 0.20 / 160m

Ratio - 5.1/1

Ball Bearing x 4 + 1

56cm retrieve per turn of the handle