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Hand Towels

Qty Code Description Price
0001 Hand Towel - Predator Tackle £6.99
0002 Hand Towel - Gunki £6.99
0003 Hand Towel - SSLA £6.99
0004 Hand Towel - Predator Tackle + Name up to 15 Characters £7.49
0005 Hand Towel - Gunki + Name up to 15 Characters £7.49
0006 Hand Towel - SSLA + Name up to 15 Characters £7.49
0007 Hand Towel - Predator Tackle + SSLA + Name up to 15 Characters £7.99
0008 Hand Towel - Gunki + SSLA + Name up to 15 Characters £7.99
0009 Personal message up to an extra 30 Characters £2.50

Personalised Micro Fibre Hand Towels are not only 'handy' but they are a brilliant gift for Birthdays and Christmas. Stitched into a Micro Fibre towel you can personise your Towel by adding your name or personal message.

Current available in Green with either Predator Tackle Logo, Black Gunki logo or the S.S.L.A Logo.


Add to the basket your preferred option call or send an email to with your name or meassge and we will do the rest. 

We can even add Clubs logos* within a 7 day turn around. 


*Set up fee will apply, cost will depend on number of towels ordered - please call 01621 393937 for more details. 

Stitched over an Aqua Film topping, which is PVA dissolvable film that will disappear once come in contact with water.



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