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Stinky Stuff Spray

Qty Description Price
Stinky Stuff - Original
Stinky Stuff - Bubblegum Cream
Stinky Stuff - Crayfish
Stinky Stuff - Peeler Crab
Stinky Stuff - Krill Protein Boost
Stinky Stuff - Vanilla Peanut & Cream
Stinky Stuff - Black Jack
Stinky Stuff - Original Sea
Stinky Stuff x 2 Can Deal
Stinky Stuff x 3 Can Deal
Stinky Stuff x 4 Can Deal

Stinky Stuff Spray Cans really are something special the research and development to make the product aquatically safe has also ensured the Stinky Stuff formulation is PVA friendly and therefore Stinky Stuff can be sprayed on to any hook bait, feeder bait or terminal tackle. 

Starting from a concept of breaking down other baits and finding the core amino acid from each bait that was attracting fish to feed.

We also looked at the natural environments of fish, natural food sources and circumstances that trigger a fish to feed. These circumstances are not always associated with the actual food or bait, they might be climate or other chemical and nutrients in the water. All of this information was collated into a database, now locked away in safe.

Stinky Stuff are proud of the fact that Stinky Stuff has gone through in depth research, development and testing and through to achieving an off the shelf product


Key points;

Stinky Stuff Original is PVA Friendly

Stinky Stuff Original can be sprayed on Any Hookbait

Stinky Stuff Original is Aquatically Safe

Stinky Stuff  is supplied in a 100ml Can

Stinky Stuff Original features Spray & Stay Technology


Availbale in 8 fantastic fish catching flavours;

Original, Bubblegum Cream, Crayfish, Peeler Crab, Krill Protein Boost, Vanilla Peanut & Cream and the Black Jack

Stinky Stuff Peeler Crab and the new Stinky Stuff Original Sea is really designed for Sea fishing with massive success for Wrasse and mini Spicies when used in LRF tactices, Great for boosting fro Ling, Conger, Cod, Pullock and brillaint on flatfish including Turbot and Plaice. However the Stinky Peeler Crab is being used massively with lures and dead baits for Pike, Zander and Perch.

Each can contains 100ml of Stinky Stuff Spray.

Please email or contact us when purchasing the Multi Can Deals.