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Gunki Fix Minnow - Gunki Fix Minnow - Gunki Fix Minnow - Gunki Fix Minnow - Gunki Fix Minnow -

Gunki Fix Minnow

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Gunki Fix Minnow - Lime Chart
Gunki Fix Minnow - Pumpkin Red Fleck
Gunki Fix Minnow - Smoking Blue
Gunki Fix Minnow - Black Flash
Gunki Fix Minnow - Pumpkin Green Flake

Gunki Fix Minnow are there for certain days when the Predators are obsessed with prey fish and give themselves away through violent surface attacks.  On days like these then you should try the Fix Minnow either on the surface, midwater or on the bottom.  The Fix Minnow is very stable thanks partly to their shape but also the salt that is impregnated in the body.  The slender split tail moves at the slightest twitch.  Easy to cast around snags skipping style and the body shape will easily hide a Texan hook.  Try a non-loaded Texan rig to perfectly imitate a fleeing prey fish this can be deadly for Perch.  


Flavoured with shellfish.

Lure (g)

Length (cm & mm)  



4.7cm - 12cm


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