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13 Fishing Concept A Gen II Bait Casting Reel RH - 13 Fishing Concept A Gen II Bait Casting Reel RH - 13 Fishing Concept A Gen II Bait Casting Reel RH -

13 Fishing Concept A Gen II Bait Casting Reel RH

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13 Fishing Concept A Gen II Bait Casting Reel RH

13 Fishing Concept A Gen II Bait Casting Right Handed Reel is the ultimate fishing partner.  Tough as nails, reliable, and more capable than ever, you won’t ever leave this reel at home.  The new Bulldog Carbon Drag system is back and ready to stop the biggest trophy fish you can find with 25 lbs of stopping power.  Equipped with 13's H.A.M. hardened brass main gear and cut with Japanese Hamai precision, it’s a formidable weapon.  The ultra-low palm fitting design now features 25% more line capacity without increasing the overall size of the reel.  Strength and durability of the Concept A Gen II can be seen through new design features like it’s Railed Clutch Cam, Gen II Line Guide, and new Water Channeling Design intelligence.  It’s packed with unique and patented 13 Fishing only features like the Arrowhead Line Guide, Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate, and KeepR Integrated Hook Keeper.  A new Low-Friction Braking system provides anglers with smaller more relevant adjustments for all lure weights.  The Concept A Gen II delivers the performance, reliability, and features you need for day after day tournament-level fishing.

Key Features

  • HD Aluminum Frame with Ocean Armor 2 Treatment and Anti-Electrolysis Screw Pads.   
  • H.A.M. Japanese Hamai Cut Hardened Brass Drive Gear
  • 25 lb Bulldog Drag System
  • 7 BB (2 High Spin Corrosion Resistant BB, 4 Stainless BB, 1 Dead Stop Anti-Reverse)
  • Arrowhead Line Guide
  • Reinforced Clutch Cam
  • Keep R Integrated Hook Keeper
  • Generation II Hard Anodized Worm Shaft
  • Low-Friction 6-Way Braking System
  • Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate System
  • Trick Shop Compatible
  • Dead Stop Anti Reverse
Part NumberGear RatioLine Per CrankLine Capacity (lb/yds)Main Features
A2-8.3-RH 8.3:1 83.3cm - 32.8" 12/125
  • Max Drag: 25 lbs
  • Bearings: 7
  • Weight: 7.4 oz
  • Environment: Fresh/Salt


New for 2021...In Stock Now!!!


 Hard as a Mother gearing is exactly what you need… you didn’t buy this reel to catch small fish, so small soft gearing isn’t going to cut it.  Hardened treated oversized brass gearing, that’s what you have.  This is the gearing you need to ensure that trophy fish hit the deck of your boat.  Drop the microphone, you have H.A.M Gearing, enough said.  
6 Oversized American Carbon Disks stop fish in their tracks.  The 13 Fishing Concept Bulldog Drag System is smooth when you need it, and offers more maximum drag than any other reel in its class.  Designed to be both long-lasting and strong as a bulldog, this drag system inspires fish turning confidence.  
13 Fishing Reels are known for their cast-ability and the proprietary Arrowhead Line Guide system is a major factor.  Built with a unique shape, the Arrowhead line guide reduces friction as the line drops on the spool allowing the line to feed out faster.   Grab a 13 Fishing casting reel and outcast your friends with long effortless distance.  
Two process hard anodized worm gear with treated Line guide pin.
Superior Slotted Cam with rail support eliminates failure and wear due to heavy use, and heavy drag pressure.
Easy 0-6 Adjustment releases the number of brake weights selected.  2nd Generation RF-Reduced Friction brake shoes create quiet and more relevant braking force for all lure weights and skill levels.    
Lightweight and extremely rigid, our 13 Fishing HD frames stabilize our gearing for less wear, smoother feel, and increased durability. 
The Japanese are known for their precision instruments, and Hamai builds the best gear cutting machines.  These gears are precision cut so that your reel feels effortless to turn.
Spool access has never been smarter…or easier. The Beetle Wing rapid access system allows for plenty of room for spool access while still maintaining the streamlined design of the reel. The hidden spring-loaded system slides open and out of the way when you need to adjust your braking system.
Stainless Steel Bearings with secondary chemical or plating treatment to increase resistance against environmental corrosion.  
Designed by anglers, for anglers… the KeepR hook keeper allows lures to be hooked to the center of the reel frame, it just makes sense.  No more scratching up your reels, and when the KeepR gets worn, snap it out and replace it. Simple. Easy. Intelligent.
The name says it all, an ultra-durable anti-reverse system that allows your reel to Dead Stop with no backward handle movement. It's among the most reliable in the industry. Feel confident that your 13 Fishing reels won’t fail you when you need it.