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Lola Marchant

Lola's is only 11 year's old and has been fishing since the age of 4. She's done many types of fishing but mainly enjoys lure, fresh and salt water fishing. From the LL series to zandermania, Lola has competed in many lure competitions up and down the country and most of the time has been the only junior fishing and certainly has giving many of the adults a good run for their money.  Lola loves to encourage younger children in to the sport and help out where possible, including charity events and shows.

Fishing alongside her Dad Carl, Lola hopes younger members can look up to her and want to get involved in fishing too.

Predator Tackle love to encourage youngers into the sport and are pleased to announce the formation of the Predator Tackle Pro Team Juniors, Lolo being the 1st and certainly a star in her own right!!! We look forward to seeing your catches over the coming months. 



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