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Plano Edge Utility Standard Box - Plano Edge Utility Standard Box - Plano Edge Utility Standard Box - Plano Edge Utility Standard Box -

Plano Edge Utility Standard Box

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Plano Edge Utility Standard Box

Plano Edge Utility Standard Box will keep your tackle looking and feeling its best for longer with its uniquely strong exterior and rust prevention technologies these boxes are perfect for all anglers.

Each box features the clear Duraview™ lid allowing you to easily locate your tackle without raking through the box is especially helpful when fishing under time constraints, helping to keep you focused on fishing.

Each box comes with an incredibly helpful single handed latch for easy access to all your tackle, with a watertight Dri-Loc rubber gasket seals out any unwanted moisture. Even if unwanted moisture managed to get inside Plano’s fantastic Rustrictor™ material prevents corrosion entirely keeping your lures fresh.

With internal vented dividers encouraging air to flow throughout these boxes and an innovative label system for keeping all your tactical tackle separate the Plano Edge Utility Box will soon become your one and only tackle box.

The Plano Edge Utility Box is available In a range of sizes for you to choose from and comes in a grey and yellow colour scheme.

  • EZ Label™
  • Rustrictor™ technology
  • Clear Duraview lid allows you to see inside
  • Easy-to-use 1-handed latch
  • Watertight Dri-Loc rubber gasket
  • Rechargeable Water Wick dividers absorb water to keep tackle dry
  • Rustrictor material prevents tackle and baits from corroding
  • Vented dividers encourage airflow
  • Innovative labeling system on the lid
  • Durable steel-pin hinges
  • 4 to 34 compartments
  • Dimensions: (L) 28cm x (W) 18.4cm x (H) 4.1cm
  • Weight: 514g
  • Plano Edge Utility Box does not include any of the tackle pictured

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