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Eagle Claw Trokar Tungsten Pro V Finesse Jigs -

Eagle Claw Trokar Tungsten Pro V Finesse Jigs

Qty Description Price
Trokar Tungsten Pro V Finesse Jigs - Size 1 - 1.9g - Chartreuse
Trokar Tungsten Pro V Finesse Jigs - Size 1/0 - 2.8g - Chartreuse
Trokar Tungsten Pro V Finesse Jigs - Size 2/0 - 5.7g - Chartreuse

Eagle Claw Trokar Tungsten Pro V Finesse Jig Heads are equipped with tungsten heads and are the new Finesse jigs that offer a new benchmark for Ned-style rigging. They are also well suited for a variety of other applications making them a versatile addition to any tackle box.  Each jig features a molded keeper and the Pro-V bend in the hook which work in conjunction to keep baits in place.  In addition, the Pro-V bend is stronger than comparable round bend hooks and increases the holding power of the hook by funneling the fish to the deepest point on the hook throat, keeping it there after hook set. 

The Trokar’s patented triple sided point ensure effective hooksets, no matter the target species.


So whats the differance between TroKar and anyother hook on the market;

Trokar hooks use Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST) to produce a three-sided symmetrical point that is scalpel sharp.

To develop TroKar Eagle Claw worked hand-in-hand with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surgical grade needles to develop and engineer a point specifically designed for fishing.

Made in the US, TroKar hooks use a special high-carbon Q741 steel wire created specifically for the Trokar range to provide the unique properties required from the finished hook.

A unique tempering process specifically tailored for the Q741 wire manipulates its molecular structure to bringing out the maximum strength and imparting just the right amount of flex to resist breaking.

Trokar hooks are finished in a black chrome auto-catalytic plating for corrosion protection in both salt and freshwater.  The honed all three edges to surgical sharpness, resulting in a hook that penetrates twice as fast and dramatically improves strike-to-hook-up ratios.

Pro-V finesse jig for ned-style rigging and finesse applications. , Pro-V Bend, molded keeper, Trokar hook point.

Trokar Tungsten Pro V Finesse Jig Heads has a wire weed guard for ned-style rigging and finesse applications. Premium painted Tungsten Heads, Pro-V Bend, moulded keeper, Trokar three edge hook point and are available in 4 colours and come supplied with 2 hooks per pack;

Chartreuse, Black, Pearl and Green Pumpkin Red Flake

With 3 Hook Sizes and Weights;

Size 1 - 1/15oz - 1.9g 

Size 1/0 - 1/10oz - 2.8g 

Size 2/0 - 1/5oz - 5.7g 


The main advantage of the Trokar hooks are the smaller Tungsten Head that will allow you present the smallest Finesse Ned Rig!!! - New for 2019/20...More Patterns Coming Soon!!!