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Illex Dexter Jerk 148 -

Illex Dexter Jerk 148

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Dexter Jerk 148 - Sundancer
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ILLEX Dexter Jerk 148 is the first lure from new Scream range.  Designed specifically for big pike the Dexter will also handle freshwater tropical species as its body is reinforced with stainless steel wire that has handle giant Aimara during testing.   The Dexter Jerk has a detailed meticulous finish with 3D holographic eyes, large scales design on each flank and pronounced pectoral fins with each detail just simply deadly to wary large predators.  The chunky flat sided body is perfectly balanced thanks to a fixed lead insert if required, the insert gives the Jerk a pronounced rolling action which accentuates the attractive flashing flanks.  Being slow sinking the lure spends longer in the middle water layers giving plenty of time to waiting predators to spot and attack.

Looking to catch monster Predators then look no further get some ILLEX Dexters in your armoury.  The best kept secret across Europe in now in the UK!!! 

ILLEX Dexter Jerk has a Sliding & Walking the Dog action and a diving depth of 0.10 - 1m. 

All ILLEX Dexter Jerk come supplied with 2 sets of super sharp strong hooks.


Dexter Jerk 148 - Sundancer - Last one left 


Lure (g)


Length (inch & mm)  



Sliding & Walking the Dog Action

5.83” - 148mm


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