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Illex Arnaud

Qty Code Description Price
00067 Illex Arnaud 100F - Sardine Red Belly £17.99
00071 Illex Arnaud 110F - Sardine Red Belly £18.99
94208 Illex Arnaud 110F - Ghost Iwashi £18.99
05752 Illex Arnaud DD 100SP - Clear Bleak OUT OF STOCK

Illex Arnaud is the first jerk bait which has been designed and tuned by Seiji Kato specifically for European waters.  After long research and field tests, he gave this lure a very specific swimming action. A powerful rolling motion combines with erratic speed variations, this lure will entice big fish out from cover and provoke positive takes. Perfectly balanced for twitching and jerking, it will turn and flash in all directions just like a distressed prey fish.  

With its Wobbnroll Action the floating hard lure from Illex is a must, we currenlty stock 3 models;

100F has a dive depth of 0.5m to 1m with a weight of 16g at 100mm in length.

110F has a dive depth of 0.3m to 0.6m with a weight of 18g at 110mm in length.

100SP Deep Drive has a dive depth of 3m with a weight of 17.7g at 100mm in length.