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Storm RIP Multi Depth Screw System - Storm RIP Multi Depth Screw System - Storm RIP Multi Depth Screw System - Storm RIP Multi Depth Screw System -

Storm RIP Multi Depth Screw System

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Storm RIP Multi Depth Screw System - 3g, 6g & 9g Weights

Storm RIP Multi Depth Screw System is a new change the weight, not the bait system. The R.I.P Multi-Depth Screw System allows you to change the sinking rate and action of the chosen soft baits.  Simply put the screw in the chosen lure, attach the 80lbs wire – double treble hook rig, choose the desired weight and secure it with the snap.  This allows you to easily change weights all day long depending on the depth and conditions you want to fish.  This system is suitable for soft baits with a length of 12cm to 20.5cm

Each included weight is offset which allows you to control the rolling action of your soft lure. By placing more weight at the back you will encourage the lure to roll over further as it tries to correct itself, resulting in a wide rolling action perfect for slow retrieves. Alternatively, by putting more weight at the bottom of your rig, you pull the centre of gravity lower which creates a tighter, more stable action ideal for faster fishing methods.

  • The ultimate big-bait rigging system
  • Kit contains 2x screws, 3x varying weights, 1x crimped 80lb coated wire rig fitted with 2x VMC 2/0 black nickel hooks, 2x Stinger Spikes that are attached to the split rings
  • Zinc & Lead options available

Primarily designed to be used with the Strom RIP T Bone Soft Lures https://predatortackle.co.uk/Soft-Lure-Baits/Storm-RIP-T-Bone-18cm/ but can be used with any soft baits lures.

RMDSSZL - 3g, 6g & 9g Weights - Ideal for 6 to 8inch Lures - Rig 14cm long - Zinc