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Green Fluo Slide Braid -

Green Fluo Slide Braid

Qty Code Description Price
36736 Green Fluo Slide Braid - 0.08mm - 6.6kg / 14.52lb OUT OF STOCK
36737 Green Fluo Slide Braid - 0.11mm - 7.5kg / 16.5lb £39.99
36738 Green Fluo Slide Braid - 0.13mm - 8.8kg / 19.36lb OUT OF STOCK

Green Fluo Slide Braid is a new generation Japanese braid constructed from 8 strands of polyethylene (PE) which have been woven using the latest technologies to produce a round profiled braid.  Ultra soft on the touch this braid casts fantastically.

Available in low diameters this braid will be a real plus for vertical fishing and ultra light applications where accuracy is vital.  As seen on Perch Pro so don't be fooled by the low diameters this is a super strong braid with excellent abrasion resistance.

36736 - 0.08mm - 6.6kg / 14.52lb

36737 - 0.11mm - 7.5kg / 16.5lb

36738 - 0.13mm - 8.8kg / 19.36lb


Supplied in 100 metre spools.