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Bite Lights

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Bite Light - Red
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Bite Lights is an absolutely amazing product that we first saw at the Stoneleigh Park Show at the end of February 2020, we so many uses we just knew we had to have them!!!
Supplied in 3 differant colours, Red, Green and Blue with 4 of the same colour per pack. 
If your unsure how to use the Bite Light then hopefully these following questions will help;
Do Bitelights work in all temperatures? We have tested them between -6c and 39c and so far all good, in the winter they might need working in your hands a little to allow vulcanised rubber to amalgamate.
I fish in rough conditions will the Bitelights hold together?They have been tested in all but the roughest conditions and we have found that wrapping an extra coating of vulcanised rubber around them (supplied with your Bitelights) helps them last through the toughest sessions.
How do they work? The Bitelights use an isolation strip to remain off in the packaging whilst retaining their size. This strip can be re-inserted after short sessions by cutting the coating then repaired with supplied vulcanised rubber tape.
Why are they different colours? All three colours have shown considerable merit in testing and we expect to be launching other variations when they finish testing.  All the colours have been selected based on significant industry research and field testing. Red will undoubtedly get you more bites as it stimulates fish to be aggressive in their feeding, but it works best in water under 12ft. Blue and green are the most natural light colours underwater and are less likely to startle the fish although the blue is more subtle.
How do I put a Bitelight inside a jelly lure? You will find that there is a perfect way to fit a Bitelight within all but the smallest of jelly lures.  Testing has shown that having the light near to the hook produces more fish.  As the lights are so small you can often simply take out the hook insert the Bite Light and then re-insert the hook. An adjustable temperature soldering iron can be invaluable if you want to remove some of the jelly to make room. Sometimes a sharp knife and a bit of superglue are the only tools you need, or many of the lure of the market like the ZMan Tubes have sent pockets so the Bite Lights can be easily inserted.  
What comes with my Bite Lights? The Bite Lights are supplied in a protective case with a section of shrink wrap and 2 pieces of vulcanised rubber tape which can be cut down as used to fix Bite Lights to almost anything.  The vulcanised rubber can also be used to strengthen in rough conditions or repair outer coating if you have re-inserted isolation strip.
Why isnt the vulcanised rubber tape sticky? Vulcanised rubber needs to be stretched by approx 30% to activate it.  Once you have cut a small strip stretch one of the ends.  This will now amalgamate with any other vulcanised rubber and will also enable you to attach your Bitelights to almost anything.
How do I re-insert the isolation strip? After your session cut through the vulcanised rubber coating near the rear of the bitelight you can then slip the isolation strip back under the shrink coating inside, when you wish to use your Bitelight again simply remove the isolation strip again and stretch a small piece of vulcanised rubber (supplied) to repair the cut section it will instantly form a waterproof seal.