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Illex Stream Master S 1702 ML Jerking -

Illex Stream Master S 1702 ML Jerking

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Illex Stream Master S 1702 ML Jerking rod

Illex Stream Master S 1702 ML Jerking rod is a extra fast action blank designed for jerking dense plugs with various erratic movements.  This light weight rod only comes in at only 88.5g which is perfect for more powerful rivers or spate streams, the ideal rod for reaching trout posted under obstacles or undercut banks.  The blank has the steel needed to keep lures drifting naturally and control your line on 3/4 downstream long drifts which even in strong currents you can jerk a lure and change its course suddenly which will trigger impulse attacks from active trout.  Finished with FUJI Japanese fittings, ringed with Fuji Alconite “K” series to eliminate any chance of tangling on the cast.  Jerking involves more irregular rod movements than twitching interspersed with pauses of different lengths.  The principle of jerking is to get the lure working erratically with the rod fished high or down on one side keeping a tight line by winding down at the end of each jerk. How much line you wind back depends partly on how much action you gave the lure but also the strength of the flow as stronger currents will push harder against your lure. Jerking allows you to exaggerate sideways movements of a lure changing the line of drift, this works in your favour as you cover more water and can often pull a lure right in front of a posted fish.

Illex Stream Master S 1702 ML Jerking rod is a 2 secton rod, supplied in a brown Illex labelled rod bag which is rated as a Medium Light rod that is ideal for lures between 2 to 8g.