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Gunki Yurai C Bait Casting Rod -

Gunki Yurai C Bait Casting Rod

Qty Code Description Price
56842 Gunki Yurai C190 MH £89.99
56843 Gunki Yurai C 210 H £94.99
56870 Gunki Yurai C 240 H £94.99

The latest Yurai Rods are right at the heart of the Gunki philosophy, ultra modern technical rods that draw on the latest advances in rod design and materials to create specialist fishing tools that are still exceptional value for money.  Built on high carbon blacks fitted with top performance FUJI ringed.  The range covers all options and each model is designed t be as versatile as possible.  Gunki have rigorously developed each blank to get the perfect balance between power, handling, precision and comfort.  The result is the Yurai range of rods that cast well, are crisp on the strike and detect every knock or tap no matter what method you choose to use.   

Gunki Yurai C 190 MH is light and fluid designed for precision cast-and-retrieve lure fishing with softbaits, spinnerbaits and plugs like Gamera, ITOKA or Dexters.  

Gunki Yurai C 210 MH is longer and more powerful, better suited to power fishing with big lures or for cranking and swimming big baits in deep water looking for bigger fish.

Gunki Yurai C 240 H is not only longer and more powerful than the 190 and 210 models, it a differant beast all together, if you looking for thst heavy boat rod or just want to get those bigger bags out futher than everyone else the 240 model is the one for you. 

The baitcast set up can be easily used if you prefer to drop shot,  Gunki Yurai C are used in conjunction with a Bait Cast / Multiplier type reels like the Gunki BC 200 ST, XD, or the brillant HG HIS Baitcasting Reel.


Yutai C are available in 3 models

56842 - Gunki Yurai C 190 MH - 190cm - Rating of Medium Heavy - Power 7-28g - Weight 129g - £89.99

56843 - Gunki Yurai C 210 H - 210cm - Rating of Heavy - Power 10-35g - Weight 146g - £94.99

56870 - Gunki Yurai C 240 XH - 240cm - Rating of Extra Heavy - Power 20-60g - Weight 173g - £94.99