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Gunki Reinbo Spin Rods - Gunki Reinbo Spin Rods - Gunki Reinbo Spin Rods - Gunki Reinbo Spin Rods - Gunki Reinbo Spin Rods - Gunki Reinbo Spin Rods -

Gunki Reinbo Spin Rods

Qty Description Price
Gunki Reinbo S-183UL - 0.5-3.5g
Gunki Reinbo S-200L - 1-4g
Gunki Reinbo S-200L - 1.5-5g
Gunki Reinbo S-210ML - 1.5-7g

Gunki Reinbo Spin Trout Area Rods have been designed for precision fishing for trout with micro lures and small spoons on light line and braid.  The HM carbon blank has a regular action that casts light lures easily without forcing or pushing the rod beyond its limits.  The blank is very sensitive detecting the slightest knock or take will transmit through the rod.  Above all the rods let you control precisely what your lure is doing in the water with the aid of profiled SIC anti-frap long leg and micro guide rings massively reducing the risk of line coiling at your rod tip and interrupting your retrieve, which can be an issue when fishing with ultra-light lures.  Even though the Gunki Reinbo has been designed to target trout but is equally perfectly suited for ultra-light jigging for perch.

The Gunki Reinbo is a 2 section rod with a regular playing action which is a perfect mix of sensitivity, softness and power, perfect for taming your quarry of all sizes. 


Gunki Reinbo Spin Rods are new for 2019 and available now in 4 models;

53023 - 183cm - Rating of Ultra Light - Power 0.5-3.5g - Weight 78g - £84.99

53024 - 200cm - Rating of Light - Power 1-4g - Weight 82g - £84.99

53025 - 200cm - Rating of Light - Power 1.5-5g - Weight 83g - £84.99

53026 - 210cm - Rating of Medium Light - Power 1.5-7g - Weight 115g - £89.99


In Stock Now!!!

Want a closer look...check out Pro Team's Chris Millward Video on YouTube here - Gunki Reinbo