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Gunki Iron T C Chooten Bait Casting Power Feel - Gunki Iron T C Chooten Bait Casting Power Feel -

Gunki Iron T C Chooten Bait Casting Power Feel

Qty Description Price
Gunki Iron T C Chooten Bait Casting Power Feel - 10-28g
Gunki Iron T C Chooten Bait Casting Power Feel - 10-35g

IRON-T CHOOTEN is the Gunki exceptional high end perfectly balanced rods built with high performance TORAY Japanese carbon sheets which means the rods have a low density resin IM30 & IM40 high density carbon. The taper of each blank has been designed to maximize precision and sensitivity, every CHOOTEN Model are very tactile and their character enhanced by Gunki’s unique Fuji reel seat featuring carbon insert that amplify vibrations from the blank, enabling you to read every knock or tap on the rod be it from the bottom, from hitting snags or chasing fish.  The shape of each handle has been customized to suit different techniques so optimizing precision and comfort. Fitted with Kuji K Rings or Micro Guides depending on model.  The first thing o strike you about the CHOOTEN Range is how light and well balanced they are. Gunki have chosen fast or ultra-fast actions on all blanks from superior casting performance and superior reactivity.  The butt sections have been reinforced with a carbon braid to add reserve of power to help handle the biggest of fish.  The CHOOTEN range of rod look great and have a touch of Gunki lass that is the hallmark of the IRON T Series


Gunki Iron T C Chooten Bait Casting Power Feel rods are amongst the most versatile of our casting models.  Fast actioned, responsive and tactile, the blanks lend themselves to a variety of tactics depending on the length and power of each rod.  These GUNKI POWER FEELING rods will handle cast and retrieve fishing with lures and plugs (jerkbaits, top water, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits…etc) and the range of soft bait tactics essential to the modern angler (linear, swimbaits, rubber jigs, texan…etc).

GUNKI IRON-T C are a casting rod with the fantastic Gunki Iron-T look and feel, all Iron T C rods are used in conjunction with a Baitcasting / Multiplier type reels like the new Gunki BC 200 THG or the biggers Gubki BC 300 XHD Reels.


Gunki Iron T C Chooten Bait Casting Power Feel Rods are available in 2 models;

52986 - 190cm (6ft 2") - Fast Action - Rating of Medium Heavy - Power 10-28g with a Max weight of 35g - Rod Weight 139g - 1 plus 1 Peice (37cm Detchable Butt Section)  - £189.99

52995 - 205cm (6ft 7") - Fast Action - Rating of Heavy - Power 10-35g with a Max weight of 45g - Rod Weight 139g - 2 Peice - £189.99