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Gunki WRC FV Reel 25 -

Gunki WRC FV Reel 25

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61229 Gunki WRC FV Reel 25 £32.99

Gunki WRC FV Reel 25 is a compact and classy spinning reel with incredible technical performance for the money, It has all the key features required of a reliable product designed for modern lure fishing. The gearing is smooth and fluid the drag extremely accurate and there is plenty of cranking power.  All these qualities come together in this well designed reel that is a pleasure to fish with. The perfect partner for the Gunki Warm Up or Pezon Michel Micromaster rods

The GunkiWRC FV Reel 25 body and rotor is built from a light composite material which is completely designed by Gunki, the infinite anti-reverse with the high speed ratio of the aluminium spool with a long casting shallow lip for better casting performance.  The Bail arm features an anti-twist line roller arm and micrometric progressive fighting drag with 'Sensigrip' ergonomic handle that winds in 73cm for every turn of the handle just finishes off this brilliant reel.


Weight - 248g

Line Cap - 0.18 / 210m

Ratio - 5.2/1

Ball Bearing x 5  


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