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Spro Freestyle Mat Light Plus - Spro Freestyle Mat Light Plus - Spro Freestyle Mat Light Plus - Spro Freestyle Mat Light Plus -

Spro Freestyle Mat Light Plus

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Spro Freestyle Mat Light Plus
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Spro Freestyle Mat Light + is similar to the Lite Mat has a special filling which makes it possible to fold into an extremely compact 13cm roll.  Laying your catch on the mat prevents any damage to the fish while allowing you to measure your catch responsibly.  The mat also features an accurate ruler (up to 90cm) to quickly measure your catch while unhooking safely. 

The Lite Mat + rolls into a pack size of around 13cm in diameter which is great for hanging on to any Freestyle luggage.

The Mat is also made from a water-resistant material making it easy to wipe down and clean the mat.  The central area is light grey which doesn’t heat up that quickly making it perfect for the warm summer days.  Compared to the original Lite Mat the padding is thicker but the updated rolling way makes it easy to roll the mat into a compact size.

Weighing just 800g the mat is easily connected and transported using the 360° swivel carabiner to clip on to a D-Ring located on many Freestyle Bags.

See the step by step guide below on how to fold your Mat or check out the video at the bottom of the page more information.

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