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Daiwa Roving Shoulder Bag -

Daiwa Roving Shoulder Bag

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Daiwa Roving Shoulder Bag
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Daiwa Roving Shoulder Bag is a premium and highly robust shoulder bag with hard outer shell offers numerous features, which facilitate its application at fishing.

The hard cover with woven-carbon fiber design offers perfect protection from damages.  The wide, padded shoulder strap ensures an optimal carrying comfort even with heavy load.  The Roving shoulder bag is designed in a way that guarantees unimpeded movements during fishing – when tackle is needed, the bag can be swung around and single compartments can be opened easily without the necessity of laying down the bag.

The bag contains two main compartments for tackle and lures.  One main compartment is equipped with EVA board to store spoons, plugs, softplastic lures with jig heads etc. which are thus ready-to-use.

The second main compartment is equipped with a tackle box for diverse small parts and lures.  The Box is connected to the bag via hook and loop fastener, which prevents unwanted loss of the box during fishing.  The shoulder strap is completed by a big superimposed pocket for documents etc, a separate handy pocket with hook and loop fastener and another small superimposed pocket for keys etc.

With the Prorex Roving shoulder bag you gain a real “space miracle”, which is perfectly fitting for street fishing or were walking the banks.

Material bag: 100% polypropylene Material shoulder strap: 100% polyurethane.

Bag Dimensions: 32cm x 23cm x 9.5cm

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