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Molix Sidus 145 - Molix Sidus 145 - Molix Sidus 145 - Molix Sidus 145 - Molix Sidus 145 - Molix Sidus 145 -

Molix Sidus 145

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Molix Sidus 145 - Green Pumpkin
Molix Sidus 145 - Ghost Blue Gill
Molix Sidus 145 - Watermelon Pepper
Molix Sidus 145 - Gold Ayu
Molix Sidus 145 - Special Alburno

Molix Sidus 145 - 5.7 inch is a unique stick bait, renewed and realized with exclusive new mix of “variable density plastic” used for this bait and formulated to give this lure more consistency, longer castability and better penetration into the heavy cover.  It’s also well balanced with a more natural movement underwater, these features make the Sidus 145 an excellent lure for skipping and flipping, as well as where long casts are required. The Sidus 145 is perfect for finesse presentation where the natural movement is a must and for pitching where a more compact head is important to penetrate the cover.  The “flaps” along the body of both version catch the air during the cast and release it in action to attract more fish, plus they give a life like action to the lure and create vibrations just like the real forage fish does. Sidus 145 are poured with micro salt crystals and enhanced with Bio-Amino Scent, an exclusive natural extracts base formula. 

It’s another great Molix soft lure for Sea Bass and other predator alike.

The Molix Sidus 145 have a Slow Sinking Balanced Action with lengh of 5.7inch - 14.5cm, with 5 lures per pack. 

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