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Mark Carter

It wasn’t until 2015 that saw me take an interest in lure fishing after coming across many videos on YouTube so I tried my hand at it and never looked back.  I love the freedom of being able to fish on the move, being able to change technics and style to suit on the day.  I was introduce to the Gunki range by my fishing buddies and like everything about them, so do the fish!!!

It’s a pleasure to join the Predator Tackle Pro Team and be sure to check out our YouTube channel at Team Predator Tackle, my Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Favourites and PB's

Occupation: HGV Driver 

Perch, Pike, Perch or Zander? - perch, then pike then zander 

PB's: Perch 2lb 130z, Pike 17lb and Chubb 4lb 10oz

Fav venue: Small canals, as you never know what your going to catch 

Most memorable session: Catching 5 species of fish in one session, perch zander, bream, chubb and pike, in that order on one lure!!

Fav fishing style: Jigging 

Fav Lure: Gunki Grubby Shad Red Ghost

Fav rods: Sakura Trinis, but soon be a Gunki Reinbo

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