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Dave Burgess 

I remember at the age of 5 looking in amazement at my dad’s box of what we would now call, old school plugs and being told ‘you can't play with those until you’re older!’  Now, 20 years later I’m still fascinated, difference is I now only fish with lures, it’s a form of fishing that captivates me and is completely electric when you get those solid bites!  As I mostly fish for Perch, I have recently started a new YouTube channel that entirely focuses on Lure fishing for Perch called ‘Stripy Search’ the channels aim is to provide the viewers with tips, product reviews, an insight into what I get up to on a day out and hopefully a good level of entertainment.  So please check it out and hit subscribe to see all the latest on product reviews and a few tips.  I’m completely honored to join the Predator Tackle Pro Team, I hope I will be able to give some good advise on the products available and catch some monster fish with them to prove the point!

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Favourites and PB's

Occupation: CRT Waterway Operative

Perch, Pike, Perch or Zander? – Perch all day everyday!

PB: Perch 2lb 14oz Fav venue: My favourite water is Grafham, but I do love my fishing on the canals

Most memorable session: Last august fishing the syndicate that I’m a member of and the predators had pushed massive balls of baitfish up against the dam wall. I managed to catch 217 perch averaging 25-30cm as well as 5 pike in the space of 8 hours on Kaiju blades and Hedora poppers, a PB day on the numbers that I doubt I will ever beat!

Fav fishing style: Jigging, but poppers in the summer is also extremely fun! Fav Lure: Soft lures my favourites are the Gunki grubby shads or the new tipsy sxl. Hard lures has to be between the, Gunki Hedora, Kaiju or the Illex Deracoup

Fav rods: I now have three Gunki Iron T as well as other Gunki rods but the Iron T rods are my usual pick. However I’m itching to get my hands on one of the new Gunki Chooten rods they sound amazing

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