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Bogdan G Florea

I started lure fishing for predators in 2012 and....I liked it.....I liked it so much that I forgot about any other methods....Today I won't spend my time for any other method than Lure Fishing!!

I did a lot of searching on media...forums....youtube....etc....about lures and lure techniques targeting Pike, Perch, Zander Chub, Trout and Asp... almost everyday I am learning something about lure fishing and when I get out I put this on practice.

Sometimes all is needed to change is a small things which you can make you fish better and maybe catch a new PB!!

In 2016 I went to Rotterdam at the biggest Street Fishing event, the Gunki Iron Tournament and I've descovered the real power of Gunki Brand. Since that I started to use Gunki Lures more often and they helped me to catch lots of good size perch and lots of zander.

Today I won't go fishing without my favourite Gunki lures!!

For me it is a real pleasure to join The Pro Team Predator Tackle and I look forward to sharing my catches with you. 

Catch you on the water!!!


Favourites and PB's

Occupation: Formwork Carpenter.

Perch, Pike, Perch or Zander? - My favourite species to fish are Pike, Zander, Perch, Chub Trout and Asp.

PB: Pike 23lb - 105cm, Zander 14lb - 89cm, Perch 3.2lb - 46cm, Chub 6lb - 59cm.

Most memorable session: :) after watching Fly Vs Jerk on youtube I decided to go jerk fishing with big lures on the lake.... and in that short session I caught my PB Pike at 23lb which was a massive 105cm.

Fav Fishing style : Bait Finesse Style.

Fav lure : I have many favourites lures but one of those is Gunki V2ib.

Fav Rods: I love the Gunki-T Range of rods due sensitive fast action tips.

Bogdan G Florea - Bogdan G Florea - Bogdan G Florea - Bogdan G Florea - Bogdan G Florea -