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Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 Smart Sonar 2021 Model - Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 Smart Sonar 2021 Model - Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 Smart Sonar 2021 Model - Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 Smart Sonar 2021 Model - Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 Smart Sonar 2021 Model - Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 Smart Sonar 2021 Model -

Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 Smart Sonar 2021 Model

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Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 Smart Sonar 2021 Model

Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 Smart Sonar 2021 Model, anglers wanted more power, so Deeper took on the challenge. Deeper went for the riskiest option on the line. And by pairing hardware with software, Deeper have gone above and beyond. Orin this case... Deep below, so every angler could unlock the secrets of the waters. Meet the Deeper Chirp+ 2 - 2021 Model

WHY DEEPER? We are pioneers in castable, smart sonar technology. With our first smart sonar released in 2013, we have only moved onward and upward, constantly challenging ourselves to innovate more and do everything better. Our sonars are superior quality, designed and made in Europe, and with 24/7 customer care. Our anglers always come first.

Originally developed by the US Navy, this technology has been at the disposal of boat fishermen for years, and we made it available to ANY ANGLER to take it ANYWHERE, to go fishing ANYTIME. And now it’s even more powerful with amazing features and access to bathymetric maps. Plan your fishing trips easier with data accessible on any device. Fish for hours without worrying about charging your sonar.

WHY CHIRP+ 2? Fish like never before with the crisp clarity and extreme accuracy of CHIRP+ 2, paired with the Fish Deeper™ app. Plan, log and analyse your fishing trips, and create your own bathymetric maps. Access your data on any device.

UNBELIEVABLE TARGETSEPARATION With a target separation of 1cm / 0.4”, you’ll be able to easily pin point target species even when they are amongst a school of bait fish. Track even the tiniest lure when vertical jigging.

EXTREME DEPTHS PRECISION With CHIRP+ 2, surface clutter and noise are minimal, so you can expect precise sonar readings in very shallow water and locate fish as close as15cm / 6” from the water’s surface. To the other extreme, you will be able to distinguish bottom huggers in water as deep as 100m / 330ft.3

BEAM FREQUENCIES FOR VERSATILITY. Discover fish holding spots faster with the wide angle beams or locate your target species through extra thick ice with a 7° narrow angle beam.

IMPRESSIVE CASTING RANGE AND PORTABILITY. Casts out to 100m / 330ft with solid connectivity. Wireless, small and lightweight. Fits in a tackle box and even your pocket. Compatible with iOS and Android devices. Generates its own Wi-Fi signal to connect to your smart device. No internet or cellular data needed.

TOTALLY VERSATILE. Various fishing modes for specific types of fishing. Use for boat/kayak, shore/bank and even ice fishing with its traditional flasher view. Fish in the summer or the winter, during the day or night. One sonar fits all.

BATHYMETRIC MAP CREATION. Create your own maps and access all your scans, maps, points of interests, photos and notes on the Fish Deeper™ app and web platform


So Whats New...Different look which is hiding a much more power insidetha ever before, and offering the opportunity to explore global depth maps. 

Fast Charging powerfull Battery - Working time up to 15 hours, charges to 100% in just 2 hours. 

Night Fishing Cover in the Box - Easily Spot your sonar in the dark and low visbility conditions. 

Desert Sand Colour - Same shape and size with a fresh new look. 

Fish Deeoer Premium - Explore over 50,000 lakes with Fish Deeper premium. Get a Free 3-month subscription with your Chrip+2



A traditional sonar sends out a single frequency pulse at a time. A CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radiated Pulse) sonar sends out a continuous flow of frequencies, ranging from low to high and because of this, the sonar readings are much clearer and have a higher resolution compared to traditional sonars.

USER FRIENDLY APP. See fish, vegetation, bottom structure, contour, hardness and consistency. Fish Deeper™ app includes water temperature and depth, various colour palettes for viewing, optional icons, sonar sensitivity adjustments and traditional ice flasher.

EXTENDED 5 YEARS MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY. Now you can have a peace of mind and simply enjoy great fishing experience knowing that your Deeper CHIRP+ 2 will last a long time. ONLY QUALITY. Made from highly durable ABS plastic with titanium inserts and a silicone gasket, it’s not only water proof, but weather proof, handling temperatures as low as -20°C / -4°F.

DEEPER CHIRP series SMART FISHING SOLUTION. Powerful castable and most advanced CHIRP sonar with three beam frequencies, crisp clarity and extreme accuracy .Ideal for quickly locating target species holding spots, pinpointing predator fish and fishing in extreme depths. Paired with innovative software, FishDeeper™ app and web platform, to easily plan fishing trips. Designed for the ultimate fishing experience.


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