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Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait - Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait - Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait - Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait - Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait -

Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait

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Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait - Pink Shiner
Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait - Ayu
Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait - Acid Shad
Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait - Chart Shad
Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait - Fire Perch

Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait is a compact tiny spinnerbait designed to imitate a small fish.  The prefect lure for precision casting to explore every centimetre of a swim.  The Alvin Spinnerbait flutters on the drop and works even on the slowest retrieves, ultra-stable with a Colorado blade for maximum vibration without pulling too hard on the rod.  Fitted with a feather skirt and an attractive teaser made from tinsel and other synthetic fibres giving the fish a target point when hitting the lure, more importantly the teaser helps keep the hook moving in the water so there is more chance of a hook up even if fish are just tentatively mouthing the bait. The Gunki Alvin Spinnerbait imitates perfectly summer prey fish targeting everything from big trout in strong flows to fishing in and around weedbeds

The Gunki Alvin is Sinking spinner bait weighted with a Bismuth-Tin flashing & Vibrating compound, fitted with a no.10 hook and a running depth of 0.2m to 0.8m.

Gunki Alvin is defintely going to be a great Trout and Perch bait!!!

Lure (g)

Length (inch & cm)  


5.6g 2”- 5cm  1
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